Environment Training Education

Environmental training and education are essential to successfully operate sustainable water and sanitation projects. Many scientific projects fail mainly due to a lack of skilled professionals. Our team is armed with experts with extensive experience and familiarity with environmental education. We believe that all members of a community, from politicians to parents, require the proper education about the ecosystem and environment.


can supply clean drinking water for one family

Environmental Training and Education:

Our team has been working with various communities throughout the world in order to educate people about the operation of community-based management systems and the “Mukti Water Treatment System.” Involving the community in the operations of our water treatment system helps members properly manage arsenic waste and exercise environmentally-friendly habits to prevent improper disposal of arsenic and other hazardous wastes.

Our team works with local educational institutions to properly inform teachers and students about the harmful impact of arsenic and similar contaminants. We have initiated several “Basic Environmental Education for All” projects in Bangladesh. Basic environmental education should no longer be viewed simply as a right. It is a necessity in today’s world and will help us confront today’s environmental problems as well as problems future generations will face. SHARE THIS: