Mission & Vision

Since its inception in 2008, Humane Water (as the name implies), for the sole purpose of providing potable water to the affected people of the world, the organization has evolved with multipurpose mission and vision following the joining of individuals having expertise in multiple disciplines and with the ideas of its Research, Innovation, and Economic Development  Wing. Today, its mission and vision includs, apart from dealing with water purification and water resources management and the outreach activities thereof, a spectrum of ideas in space, natural, social, and environmental sciences and of hosting STEM programs.

In all, the following list outlines the steps that have been taken to accomplish the mission and vision:

  • Provide potable water free from pathogens, harmful substances and other contaminants; train those individuals who are committed to our undertaking
  • Conduct research and discover more ways to safeguard the Earth’s surface water and groundwater resources, ecosystem and environment for the future generations
  • Eliminate and eradicate poverty from and empower impoverished and disadvantaged national and international citizens through "Humane Economic Model" and charitable services.
  • Provide training to government officials, community leaders, environmental activists, and NGO’s about the proper disposal of arsenic and other toxic residue/waste and spent materials from the arsenic removal filters and treatment units in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arsenic waste disposal regulations and basic scientific standards.
  • Collaborate in research activities with local, state, national, and international organizations and educational institutions regarding the protection of surface and groundwater resources, food safety, public health, ecosystem and environment from surface and groundwater toxic contamination.
  • Develop and establish a sustainable management system to supply affordable essential household goods for all in remote/rural areas through Humane Bazaar and other social and charitable services.
  • Participate in the educational institutions’ STEM activities and carry out expertise-based outreach programs.
  • Remain committed to accomplish the mission through effective partnership and coordination with donors and other charitable organizations.

We are committed to accomplish our mission through effective partnership and coordination with donors and other charitable organizations.