Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide potable water free from pathogens, harmful substances and arsenic poisoning, train committed individuals, and discover more ways to safeguard the Earth’s surface and groundwater resources, ecosystem and environment for the future generations.

Natural and man-made environmental disasters continually threaten the world’s fresh water resources, ecosystem and environment. Surface water is tainted by industrial and agricultural pollution and human and animal waste. Vulnerable populations across the world consume pathogens and contaminated water on a daily basis. Over-pumping of groundwater and harvesting of river water for agricultural irrigation and industrial use has caused groundwater arsenic poisoning in many underdeveloped nations.

The current world population nears 7 billion and by end of 2025 the population will reach approximately 9.3 billion. More than one billion people do not have access to clean and healthy drinking water. About four million children die each year from cholera and other waterborne diseases. Recently more than 500 million people have been exposed to groundwater arsenic poisoning and thousands have already died from deadly arsenic-related diseases, including cancer. Every 8 seconds, one child dies from a waterborne disease.

We have conducted research to find a sustainable solution to the groundwater arsenic disaster in the Bengal Basin and other developing countries for more than a decade. We recently started several electricity and chemical based water filtration systems. We developed the “Mukti Water Treatment Systems” for 500 to 1000 people in Bangladesh. This system supplies a large amount of water within a short period of time, reduces significant amounts of arsenic waste, and lasts longer than previous models. The system is convenient to use, operate, and manage. We are looking ahead to the future and planning to use solar power to operate the system in areas where electricity is not available.

In order to provide clean and healthy water to people around the world, we must protect the aquifers and surface and groundwater resources from contamination. We must also install water wells based on sound scientific data so that the pumping of groundwater does not create groundwater contamination problems for future generations. By studying and monitoring the hydrogeology and geochemistry of aquifers, we can make informed decisions before installing water wells and water treatment systems in developing nations.

Many scientists and non profit organizations around the world have been tirelessly working to provide clean and safe water to affected communities. We encourage and practice cooperation between different groups. The exchange scientific and technological expertise and diverse resources will help properly protect the millennium-old natural environment, public health and ecosystem from natural and man-made disasters alike.

We have taken initiative to implement the following projects depending on the type of water resources, water crisis and socio-economic conditions in a given region:

  • Surface water supply project
  • Tube well/drilled well based groundwater supply project
  • Dug well based groundwater supply project
  • Rain water supply project

The following list outlines the steps we have taken to accomplish our mission to protect the public health, ecosystem and environment:

  • Promote and provide basic education/training for sanitation and hygiene to local government officials, scientists, community members and leaders of arsenic and other waterborne disease affected communities.
  • Provide training to government officials, community leaders, environmental activists, and NGO’s about the proper disposal of arsenic and other toxic residue/waste and spent materials from the arsenic removal filters and treatment units in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arsenic waste disposal regulations and basic scientific standards.
  • Conduct research with local organizations and educational institutions regarding the protection of surface and groundwater resources, food safety, public health, ecosystem and environment from surface and groundwater arsenic and other toxic contamination.

We are committed to help protect surface and groundwater resources from contamination, treat and remove toxic substances from polluted water, supply clean and healthy water for human and animal consumption, industrial usage, agricultural irrigation purposes and maintain a natural and healthy environment for all.