Partner With Us

Why should one partner with us?

Our team consists of professionals who have both institutional training and professional working experience in dealing with water, ecosystem and environmental problems and management of toxic waste. With these resources at our disposal, we know how to identify the root of such problems with sound scientific data and experience. Because so many communities world-wide struggle with arsenic and pathogen contaminated water, we designed, developed and installed the cost effective “Mukti Water Treatment System” to supply clean water. The system treats pathogens, organic and inorganic contaminants from surface water, groundwater, and rain water. Our team works on sanitation and hygiene projects and helps train students, teachers, community leaders and villagers to manage water sanitation and environmental projects to maintain a natural and healthy environment.

Every human has an ethical obligation to serve his/her fellow human being, especially disadvantaged populations around the world who suffer each and every day. Our projects provide an effective means to offer help to those individuals affected by water-related and environmental disasters. With this philosophy in mind, we invite you to join our group as a partner and enhance our activities with your knowledge, experience, and essential resources. We would also appreciate those who would come forward and express interest in the formation of a Board of Trustee for fair and smooth operation of our organizational activities.

Our Partner Organizations:

  • Prof. Dr. M. Qumrul Hasan, Delta Study Center, Department of geology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh:Research on environmental education and arsenic waste disposal methods, Land Subsidence.
  • Dr. Abdul Quder, Palli Dushtha Bio-Center Ltd.(PBCL), Dhaka, Bangladesh.